How to Design By Your Sign – The Dancing Arrow of Sagittarius – Child to Adult

Sagittarius is the final fire sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and benevolence. The Sag in your life has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to play jokes on friends and yet, is brutally honest and straight forward. Never ask your Sag partner for any opinion unless you are willing to accept the bare bones truth. And then, don’t be offended because they have no idea that tact might have been a better option. They read that as being dishonest and this sign simply is not.

In ancient times Sagittarius was depicted as a man wearing a Tibetan robe while dancing on the flame of a candle. And the Sag just might be able to do that! They are at heart, an adventurer who treasures freedom and are optimistic, intellectual and philosophical. Their humor defines them.

Orange is the color of laughter mixed with the purple of spiritual devotion, and this is Sagittarius. The Sagittarius colors, ranging from dark blues to purple emanate cool confidence. These colors are useful if there is a need to instill quiet confidence or even to sedate someone suffering from anxiety.

Purple symbolizes creative energy and spiritual wisdom. When we are drawn to these colors, we desire an experience of oneness with a higher power or yearn for an understanding of the true meaning of life’s journey, and are compelled by an urge to search for greater understanding of who we are and what our part to play is.

This sign is usually very successful and have the ability to make great amounts of money if they desire to do so. They are strong willed and charming at the same time, a bit like a bulldozer with a fur wrap on the front to soften the impact of their pursuit to their own ends! These are loveable, fun loving friends and partners. Everybody should have one!

The Sagittarius Child

The Sag baby is born with curiosity and smiles at the forefront of their personality.

They love to figure things out so having something on the wall, like wall art with trees or birds or anything they can look at and determine how it was put together will delight them. They need light to shine in through the open windows in the early morning and dark to rest in at night. Both are extremes and both are a nice fit. Sagittarius children are delightful to observe as they grow up; plan on being on your toes for this child!

One of the easiest ways to identify a Sagittarius child is by their attractiveness to peers and classmates. Unlike a Leo who gathers followers around him/her and exults being in the center of attention, a Sagittarius will draw friends on equal terms; it is as if no one can resist being attracted towards them with their naturally vivacious and optimistic personalities.

Installing a private phone line in your Sag child’s room early in life will be a treat for you and not them. They will be busy talking on it to a multitude of friends. They are naturally optimistic and are not even aware of the positive influence they have on their friends as they gently motivate them to reach higher and expect more. This is a generous and compassionate sign; the Sag will always reach out to pick someone up who has been knocked about from the playground to the homeless shelters. It is their nature.

People born under this sign are notorious for their cheery outlook on life and indeed, their confidence is one of the greatest joys on raising a Sagittarius child. Your Sagittarian child will enchant you with their bright, positive attitude, making parenting a breeze.

They are not the ones to get blue, they would much rather involve all their friends in a charming burial service for ‘Floppy’, their pet who has died, or take out their board games and invite all those who had gotten ready for an outing suddenly cancelled by weather.

Sometimes though, this ingrained optimism can seem to lead your child to rely on luck one time too many. You may find your child skimping on exam preparations in the hope that a particular question will not figure in the test or even take unnecessary risks like going biking without protective gear in the misplaced notion that they are too much of experts to fall. Here you may have to be firm on certain rules that need to be followed as much for the sake of personal safety as for success in life.

The Sagittarian child is probably a bundle of crackling energy, hardly surprising considering that the ruling element of the sign is fire. They are especially drawn to the outdoors, going off on their own to explore the nearby woods or delighting in sports which are fast-paced and filled with action, like perhaps soccer and basketball.

Even if your Sagittarian child does not reveal too great an interest in conventional sports, there are bound to be activities like dancing or climbing trees in case of younger children which express their love for action and energy. In fact these are the early stirrings of a Sagittarian’s famed life-long love affair with travel. Sagittarius adults are notorious for packing their bags and heading off for the unknown.

They may well be the most travelled of the zodiac. No destination is to boring or too dangerous for a Sagittarius if it includes the prospect of seeing new sights and meeting new people. They also get bored very quickly. Once they lose interest they are moody and irritable.

One result of a Sagittarian’s free personality is a tendency to speak their minds. While this makes for a parent-child relationship based on honesty and trust, your Sagittarius child must learn that in certain situations a little diplomacy is called for. Many times this frankness may be unsuitable on social occasions and you may find yourself wishing your kid had the tact of a Libra.

However a Sagittarian’s outspoken manner is never motivated by malice and it is simply a rather forceful expression of their highly individual personality. You will be pleased to learn that they are prolific collectors of wisdom which may make it easier to teach them!

Your Sagittarian child may not be primarily motivated by power, money or material success in life. They thrive best when ranging free in the worlds of ideas, philosophy and the essential truths of humanity.

However, they will never be found with their heads in the clouds. Rather they are keenly interested in how a system, an institution works and how they can be bettered for mankind.

Sagittarius is the Centaur in the zodiac, half man and half horse. In ancient Roman mythology, Centaurs were intellectuals and teachers which perhaps explain the Sagittarian concern with the really big issues of life. Their minds have far-thinking ability aptly symbolized by the Archer who looks ahead and takes his aim. The Sagittarian may very well pursue a career as a teacher, healer or a writer who travels throughout the world gathering and narrating stories of other people and cultures.

The best choice for a Sagittarius child’s room is simple lines with details for them to examine and figure out. They love travel and anything symbolic of travel will make them happy.

It is difficult to address the Sag adult as they retain their inner child throughout life.


blues and purples on the walls
Rooms that can adjust to brightly lit in the morning and dark for sleeping
Travel related themes delight them.
They amass friends who love to visit and join in activities – plan on room to entertain them
Work space to begin their giant pursuits
Maps or wall art for accessories on walls

The Sagittarius Adult

The Sag adult is still laughing, playing jokes and pranks on friends and being Sag. They do get serious about work and relationships but this is a high energy sign that must rest after their long, long days.

You will find them pursuing higher education, teaching, travelling the word, as architects, designers or contractors or in some capacity that that allows them to use their high level of creativity and intellect for the betterment of mankind wherever possible.

They work hard and play hard. They are up early and may jump up in the night to jot down some great new idea. They also like to retire early. The Sag packs everything possible into each day.

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