Adult Jester Halloween Costumes For a Little Dark Humor This Halloween


Have you ever told a joke and it’s just bombed? When a comedian tells a joke and no one laughs it’s called “dying” because the silence is deafening and the sick feeling at the pit of your stomach is enough to make you wish you were dead.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a comedian but your jokes usually fall a little short, you might like to get into an adult Jester Halloween costume and bring yourself back to life. Your jokes might still be bad but at least you can bring terror to those who have made you feel the chill of comedic death with their lack of appreciation for your humor.

For centuries Jesters entertained the kings and queens by satirising the events of the day. Of course if the Jester couldn’t amuse the monarch their head was on the chopping block. Now it’s the Jester’s turn to take revenge for every joke that hasn’t hit its mark.

If you like a little dark humor then you’ll find the Evil Jester Adult Costume will tickle your fancy. In black and white it will appeal to anyone with a sick sense of humor. The Jester mask will have your captive audience giggling with nervous anticipation as you head towards your diabolical punch line.

No Jester costume is complete without the Jester Skull Cane and if they don’t die laughing at your jokes you can give them a knock out performance with the help of your cane!

If you like a little color in your costume then the Vile Jester Adult Costume will be your preferred choice. What better way to celebrate the night of the dead than in a black and red Vile Jester Costume. You’ll turn your audience’s blood cold with your grisly jokes.

Every comedian knows the importance of the right facial expressions to enhance the telling of a humorous tale. The Wicked Jester Adult Mask will leave your audience in no doubt about the killer ending of your little performance this Halloween.

Halloween is a time when you can be whatever you want to be. If you’ve always dreamed of being that funny guy that gets the girl but your jokes just seem to fall short this could be the night to turn things around. Well okay, you might not be able to make her laugh but at least you’ll be prepared for the dead-pan stare.

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