When Guy Good At Approach To Woman

Towards the end of 2007, I started to look for information on how to improve my success with women. After I had been reading about self-development for quite some time, this seemed like the next step.

During this time, I heard about a community that existed to help men improve with women. If I remember rightly, I heard about this community indirectly through what was mentioned in another book.

The Next Step

I ended up singing up to do one day of a boot camp, and this was a fascinating experience. Certain parts tested me, while there were other parts that made me wonder what was going on.

The reason for this was that the right amount of guidance wasn’t always provided; at times, it was as though certain trainers were just as lost as the students. There was one trainer who really stood out, though.

The Real Deal

When we were all ‘out in the field’, this guy was like some kind of army general. He wasn’t there to waste time or to watch students stand around; he was there to make sure that they approached women.

However, he wasn’t just standing around waiting for students to do

People Who Still Keep In Touch With Their Ex

If one’s relationship has just come to an end, they could decide to cut their ties and to move on with their life. As a result of this, they are not going to want to stay in touch with their ex.

One Step Back

Doing so could be seen as something that will stop them from being able to put the past firmly behind them. And, if one didn’t really get on with the other person or if they simply grew apart, this is going to make perfect sense.

In this case, staying in touch would be similar to keeping a car that no longer works – it wouldn’t make sense. Their time with the other person has come to an end and it will be in their best interest to let go.

A New Beginning

Now that their relationship has come to end, they can focus more of their energy and attention on other areas of their life. They may decide that they want to spend some time in their own company.

Through doing this, it will give them the opportunity to get back in touch with who they are. Alternatively, one might not need to do

Understanding About Loyalty

It hardly comes as a surprise that blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family. Growing up, I always saw all of my relatives tear each other apart or taking sides instead of sticking together. And I am sure many of you can relate to this. So, I realized a long time ago I had to build my own circle.

Do you have relatives who you rarely speak with, or hardly ever see? Why is loyalty more important than family? Can you trust people who are involved firmly in your life? Do you have friends that understand your goals, and are there when you need them most?

As a child, you are taught that no matter what, you always have to choose your family first. But then, over the years, you realize that the people who afflict most of the pain on you are not the ones you do not know, but those you often trust the most. All blood does is make you related, but it is loyalty that makes a real family.

If I could give only one suggestion before going any further, it

Tips To Build Solid Relationship

The whole world is about people and how you bond to them. They will never remember what and how you achieved great things but they will always remember how you made them feel. So be sure to make them feel good most of the time and they will capture your heart. Starting near about you, how do you behave with the people encircling you? Let’s dive into this discussion. Read on to find out.

Starting with your own family, how do you react towards them? Are you pissed off or lighthearted? If you are ill-tempered, you have something to work on. You need to cool down and then start talking to your family members. You need to behave well, especially for your children because they are picking up cues from you all the time. You don’t want them to grow up to ill-tempered and non-sensible adults.

After getting out of your home, you will meet the doorman and probably the gardener. Say hello to them cheerfully and smile. Immediately you bond a relationship with them – that also a meaningful and promising one.

When you go to the supermarket, you will probably meet some known or unknown faces. Smile and talk cheerfully, draw

The Reason You Feel Emotionally With Your Parents

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for someone to say that they need to be with another person in order to feel complete. Yet, even if they don’t say this explicitly, their behaviour could say this implicitly.

Popular Culture

When it comes to films, music and TV shows, this is a theme that is often played out in one way or another. Someone is then not a whole human being; they are missing part of themselves.

And the part that they need is to be found in another person, which is why they will need to find the right person. At the same time, there is also another dynamic that is common, and this is where someone comes across as though they are needless.

One Extreme to the other

This person can create the impression that they are their own island and that they don’t need anyone. So, unlike the person who is needy, they will present themselves as being strong and capable.

Nevertheless, although this person can appear to be more evolved than the other person, it doesn’t mean that this is actually the case. In reality, it could be a sign that they feel ashamed of their own needs.

A Strong Need

With that aside,

How To Fulfill Your Demand

THE question is rhetorical. Of course, we cannot give to another that which we demand for ourselves.

Yet, so many relationships are pitched this way: you give me what I want (read: demand) and then I will give you what you want.

It is insanity, and if only both parties could take a step back and have an objective look as a third person would, they would know.

The conditionality of such a statement – you give me what I demand and then I will give you what you want – means no one is going to get what they want.

Either both win, or both lose, and nobody can win if one party refuses to soften their stance. And yet, it takes just one party to begin the heart-softening process, full of the spirit of humility (otherness). And such true softening is a stance that stays there. (It’s not a fleeting thing. A soft heart stays soft. But, in truth, most relationships need outside help when hearts are hard.)

Relationships never prosper when only one party gives all the time, and yet, when there is quarrelling, both parties mirror each other, saying – “I’m the one giving and giving and giving, all they do

Secrets For Couples

This is the second post on my HUMANOLOGY FOR COUPLES series. Many people ask me how relationships should be handled so they can remain solid and stable. These posts offer you some ideas and tips that I hope will help you understand some of the important aspects involved in relationships.

When human beings are born, they are born without beliefs. Beliefs are deduced from the experiences they then start having: from what they see, hear or live. Thus, many of the beliefs that a human being has stem from childhood, from the person’s environment and from their families. For example, having grown up in Spain, loud voices were the common thing and quite accepted; but when I lived in Russia, loud voices were considered very rude.

All human beings need beliefs. They constitute our foundations and lead each of us into seeing the world the way we see it. Strong beliefs represent solid foundations. Questioning beliefs results in uncertainty, insecurity and doubt. Beliefs exist in every field of life and can be grouped into different basic topics: The beliefs a human being has lead him or her to see the world a certain way. Some of those beliefs, we’re not even aware

Doing Comparisons Necessary Way

THERE is one comparison with others we should be making, for our gratitude, to grow in compassion, to train ourselves to see more like God, for our own good. And ultimately for others’ good too.

Have you noticed what happens when you compare yourself with those doing better than you? It has likely made you feel empty and envious. It has probably challenged your self-confidence and self-concept. It has made you less grateful for your life and what you have than you ought to feel.

Have you ever tried comparing with others in the opposite direction? – to compare with those down on their luck compared with you; those less fortunate; those who were born in and live in less materially rich regions of the world; those who have suffered disease and loss and addiction in their families.

When we compare with others we see doing better than us, we end up disappointed. When we compare ourselves with more favourable seasons of past, we end up gloomy. But when we compare with others who aren’t doing so well, we begin to feel two things: grateful for what we have, and we feel empathy for what they don’t have. We certainly shouldn’t feel superior,

Understanding Human Relationship

Human relations are complex and beautiful. Though people and their behavior is unpredictable yet they bring happiness most of the time in our life. We cherish the memories with our people and they certainly make our life worth living.

Our whole life directly or indirectly revolves around people from our birth till our last breath.

Human beings are the biggest source and contributor of energy, learning, affection, inspiration, recreation and communication for everyone. That’s why they are referred as “social beings”. Therefore, we can easily say that all our wants, needs, dreams and desires get fulfilled by people around us. Thus, we study, play, joke, talk, eat, work, ride, enjoy, party or go out with our friends, companions, colleagues, class mates, acquaintances, cousins, family. These people could subsequently become our teacher, mentor, guide, coach and philosopher at some point of time.

From times immemorial till this era of Millennium, nothing has really changed when talk about our social preferences. We are constantly engaging with people, thereby spending a significant amount of time with them on daily basis. And without any doubt, our “near and dear” ones are incredibly with us during our good and bad times. Further, let me take pride in saying

All About Trust And Respect

“Pay attention when people react with anger and hostility to your boundaries. You have found the edge where their respect for you ends.” – Unknown

CONDITIONAL love is the same as conditional respect. In response to safe boundaries some people respond by switching off their respect. Some people think that love and respect are dependent on how they feel. But effective relationships depend on love and respect if trust is to flow.

It’s important to have had some relationships where our boundaries have been treated with disdain. It teaches us the difference between relationships that work for both parties as opposed to those that work for just one person. It’s apparent straight away, that when relationships work for just one person, where there is respect just one way, the end of the relationship as it is needs to be nigh.

Those who disregard our boundaries tend then to get hostile when we enforce them.

There is another offender; one who oversteps the mark, continually forgetting where it was. Can we trust people who are repeat transgressors? Not beyond the realms of possibility, but there’s work to be done. It depends on the person’s heart.

It is good to have the courage to enforce boundaries and

How To Know That Someone Really Interested With Us

There could be moments in one’s life when they come into contact with people who don’t act all that interested, whilst there could be others moments when this is not the case. Here, another person could act as though one is the most important person on the planet.

A Gradual Transition

When the former takes place, one could appreciate the attention; then again, it could all depend on who is giving them this amount of attention. If one is attracted to the other person, they might be only too happy for this to continue.

Yet, it might not be long until they start to grow weary of this type of behaviour and just want this person to take a step back. By coming on so strong, it will have gradually caused one to change how they see them.


The amount of interest that his person shows will be too much for them and the last thing that they want to experience in life. This could be a sign that one is used to receiving a lot of attention.

As a result of this, they could be more attracted to someone who is more laid back and doesn’t try too hard. To meet someone like this

How To Change Woman Thinking

In today’s world, it appears to be perfectly acceptable for a woman in the public eye to bash men. She can say all kinds of things that will basically amount to men being less-than human and worthless, and absolutely nothing will be done.

Now, that’s not to say that both men and women won’t complain about this; what it means is that this kind of behaviour is tolerated by the media and the education system, for instance. If a man viewed women in the same way, there is a strong chance that he wouldn’t be given a platform.

One Big Illusion

One of the things that a woman like this is likely to come out with is that all women are oppressed and all men are oppressive. Without even thinking critically or looking at the facts, the fact that a handful of women are allowed to portray men in this way and get away with it and the same ‘privilege’ is not available to men surely proves otherwise.

It could then be said that women have the freedom to express themselves, whilst men don’t, at least in the western world. Therefore, woman have the ability to say more of less whatever they want, and

Dating Tips After Go To Date

Nowadays, there are so many ways for people to find someone to be with, which is a far cry from how it used to be. In the past, one would have had to physically meet another person in order to be able to take the next step, but this is not longer necessary.

Another Option

Now, one can meet someone online, speak to them for a little while, and then they can meet them in person. Therefore, they can learn a lot about them long before they have even been in the other person’s presence.

Consequently, this can mean that they will talk for a little while over text, but that could be as far as it will go. When this happens, what they have said over a screen, along with the images that they have uploaded, may have defined the outcome.

A Mystery

Something that one said – or the other person said – might have brought the interaction to an end. If one ended it, they may well have made the right decision, and the same could be said if the other person ended up.

Then again, this might have been the wrong decision – the trouble is that there is a strong chance

Time To Share Your Feelings

Would you like to draw closer to your partner? Here is an exercise you can do with your spouse that can help you disclose feelings you might have kept hidden or unrevealed. Today you are going to improve your Relationship Quotient by expressing your feelings openly, honestly and maturely.

Author Gary Smalley explains that people with high RQs feel comfortable expressing their feelings frequently, in a climate of trust and acceptance.

Those with average RQs are somewhat lacking of passion. The lack of passion is proportional to the lack of confrontation. The couple is together in spirit, but not in soul. Think of Ward and June Cleaver from the television show “Leave it to Beaver” (1957-1963). There were very few personal crises or epiphanies that surfaced in their relationship. Although the couple appeared compatible, their relationship seemed bland.

Those with low RQs are at war with each other and their emotions. The classic television couple Edith and Archie Bunker (All in the Family, 1971-1979) were always at odds; she was flustered, frequently whined and ran out of the room in the heat of an argument or during any conversation with her husband, while Archie grimaced, grunted, bellowed and ridiculed.

You don’t want to be

Why You Need Silly Ways With Your Partners

In order to ignite or get the spark of your ongoing relationship, you need to play with each other and be silly for a few minutes during the day. This strengthens the bond and helps you feel better about yourself and each other. So how do you play? Read on for tips.

Here they are:

  1. Run and make her chase you

Grab something important from your partner and run. She will chase you desperately. Make it a long enough run in your home premises. Finally come to a pause and let her get the stuff that rightly belongs to her. This kind of silly play makes you both alive and naughty and at the same time you treasure your relationship very much.

  1. Give her a surprise

When she is in the kitchen cooking busily something delicious for the family, close her eyes from the back gradually without frightening her. Ask in a fake voice what she is doing. If she recognizes your voice, she will start laughing and accept the bouquet of roses from you heartily, which you really meant as a surprise. Gestures like this help to keep your relationship solid and prospective and so plan and do more of them often.

  1. Rotate

The Reason Why Woman To Be Saved

If a man was to find out that a woman is unable to handle life and needs other people to prop her up, he could soon come to the conclusion that it would be better for him to move on. It will be only too clear that being with a woman like this is going to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Two Parts

Now, this is not to say that they won’t find her attractive, for instance, as they might be drawn to her appearance. What it means is that this is not going to be enough for them to do something that they will later regret.

The man could take their mind into the future and think about what their life would be like in a little while. This is then going to be enough for them to take step back and to pay attention to their mind, as opposed to their emotions and bodily sensations.

Past Experiences

There may have been a time in their life when this wasn’t the case, thereby causing them to end up with the wrong women. Being drawn to women like this might have caused them to experience a lot of pain.

However, while these experiences would have

When You Feel Trapped Each Others

While reaching out to others and experiencing intimacy is normal for some people, there are others who experience life in a very different way. When someone can reach out to others and experience intimacy, they could be in a fulfilling relationship.

However, even if they are not with someone at this stage in their life, there are bound to be other people in their life who they can connect with. When one is around someone like this, they will be able to share who they are.


Said another way, there will be no reason for them to wear a mask and therefore, to put on an act. There are likely to be moments when they are unable to express who they are, so they may have to wear a mask.

If they didn’t do this, it might cause them to be harmed in some way, and this is why there are going to be moments when they won’t be able to reveal themselves. But when they are with the people who they are close to, this won’t be the case.


What this will also show is that one feels safe enough to express who they are around these people. As a result of this,

Before Saying Goodbye

Having said our goodbyes, the car reversed out of the driveway, last waves were had, forward the wheels rolled down the road, before turning the corner and going out of view.

The loaned reality of sorrow struck once more. It won’t always be like this. I won’t always have the privilege of seeing this, of having had these visits, even though I know I take them for granted. Even though these events of interaction seem to be ongoing and never ending, one day – one day too soon – it will be all over.

The heart longs in gentle anguish when it ponders what it cannot control.

I can’t remember when I first had the vision, but I’ve had it so many times, and almost every time my parents leave our home.

As we stand there waving from the bottom of the driveway, I look at my son, just as I used to look at my daughters who are all now grown up, and wonder what he’s thinking. As my parents’ car disappears from view, as he runs back to me from the corner, and we make our slow walk back to the front door, God causes me to reflect on the eternity in

Heart Full Of Acceptance

When I’m vulnerable my psychology sits atop a knife’s edge; I either progress to repentance or topple into resentment. And it’s people who just happen to benefit or pay.

I am as prone to rejection as the next person, and I don’t buy it when people say they aren’t. There are people who exist in a safe bubble of acceptance which says even more about the power of rejection in their lives.

The continuum of acceptance and rejection is possibly the most powerful force. And it all begins in the mind; a mind responding to what the heart feels.

I can tell you that when I’ve felt most vulnerable, I have been most susceptible to rejecting others. When I’ve felt rejected, I’ve tended to respond by rejecting. When I’ve felt accepted, the vulnerable feelings vanish, and acceptance is easy. There is one poignant example where this is rife: in those who have influence over me; a power I have given them. I could be much less susceptible to a person’s rejection if they have no influence on me or power over me, but as soon as they do I have to admit susceptibility. I do not consider those I serve as those who

All About Loneliness

THEY say that it is what we lack that compels us to appreciate and go after our purpose. Of course, that’s it. Wherever we’re fulfilled there is no need to search a thing out.

Meaning in life comes from absence – when the void becomes too much and must be filled. If a lack of meaning does not despair us, then absence creates a vacuum, and we’re impelled to address the shortfall. Meaning and purpose flood in.

In relational beings, loneliness in one and another makes two. Each person brings their paucity to the relationship. It is hoped that each has something to give. If both have only the capacity to take, each will drive the other far away. If one takes and one gives, it works for a time, but if in giving the person also receives there is a happy medium. It can be sustained. Relationships are all about balancing transactions.

Loneliness makes two wherever currencies of lack are complementary. One brings ‘this’, the other brings ‘that’, and with ‘this’ and ‘that’ everyone’s happy.

Life is inherently about lack. Lack is not a bad thing. It simply lets us know what we crave and must go after. It makes us hunters and